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Research Interests

               Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

               Mathematical Biology

               Applied Mathematics

Current research (supported by NSF-1021203):

       A collaborative research with James Cronin, John Reeve and Mingqing Xiao: Development time and predator-prey population dynamics.

Publications (paper available upon email requests)

1.      D. Xu, J. D. Reeve, X. Wang and M.-Q. Xiao. Developmental variability and stability in continuous-time host-parasitoid models. Theoretical Population Biology, 78(1): 1-11, 2010.

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17.  D. Xu, D. Meng. The model and simulation of inhibition in the extrinsic path of blood coagulation: the dynamic effects of protein C, Acta Biophysica Sinica, 14: 657-665, 1998. (Chinese)

Finished or on-going projects

         M.-Q. Xiao, J. D. Reeve and D. Xu. Mean occupancy time for biased edge movement between two different habitat types. Submitted, 2010. (the paper available upon email requests)

         Y. Chang, D. Xu and Z. Jing. Complex dynamics in swing equations of a power system model. Submitted 2010. (the paper available upon email requests)

         The role of tuberculosis in high HIV prevalence populations. In preparation (with Z. Feng and M. Lannelli).

         The role of drug treatments in the evolutionary dynamics of complex host-parasite interactions. In preparation (with Z. Feng, G. Sandland, D. J. Minchella, Y. Yang).








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