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Jerzy Kocik
aka Jurek


  • Apollonian gasket (geometry, algebra and number theory) (see Seminar Pages)
  • Geometric structures on Lie algebras
  • Differential geometry and physics
  • Discrete structures (graphs, orders, language)

  • Papers and preprints

  • talks


° Apolloniana: pages on Apollonian disk packings.
° Lie mandala: a diagram that shows the structure of a Lie algebra.
° Graphs we live by   (graphs known not only in math)
° 1+1=2     (Get-Stankiewicz's Marble Plaque in Honor of Elementary Operations)
° 3+4=7     (also, a translation into portuguese by A. Solecki)
° History of the concept of time   (a poster)
° Physics of time machines   (bibliography, classification)
° Universal constants: a remark on h, c & G.
° Triangle   (varia on trig and triangle)
° Grad-curl-div in one diagram!  
(deeper meaning of Calc III) -- New: with MathJax!
° Soon to be added: Tense system as a model of time
(a theory of the grammatical tense)
° A few items in Polish
What's new
A MINI-BLOG     (scroll)

Recent Courses
° Math 452 -- Analysis
° Math 435 -- Intro to Differential Geometry

Life on manifolds
Diff Geom Seminar
temporarely suspended
a few simple
[in polish]
Seminar on


1+1=2 Classical Mechanics Lie mandala graphs we
live by
on time cosmic const

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