Jerzy Kocik

Papers and preprints
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Geometry and numbers:
  1. Apollonian packing of disks and associated geometric structures:
    Minkowski space, Diophantine Descartes formula ("Soddy Circles".
  2. Spinor structures and disk packings.
Geometric methods of physics:
  1. Lie theory and differential geometry: Lie algebras and and associated geometric structures, geometric methods in description of dynamical systems ---symplectic geometry, Nijenhuis-Lax eqns, geometric quantization, etc;
  2. Spinor representations of Minkowski (pseudo-Riemannian) spaces.
  3. Foundations of QM.
Discrete structures:
  1. Graphs --- their structure via harmonic operator
  2. Krawtchouk (discrete) polynomials
  3. Partial orders, temporal structures in grammars (mathematical linguistics)

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