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Here is maestro Eugeniusz Get-Stankiewicz, the author of the Plaque, himself, in a few self-portraits:

1. Self-portrait with a Milliard (acrylic on canvas), 1986

2. Self-portrait in a camouflage cap, version F (copperplate),1989/1994

3. Pate with sticks (copperplate + mezzotinta), 1986

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Once, Get painted a metal bird black, and hid it stealthily among the top branches of one of Wroclaw's oaks. For birds only.

Another time, he sculptured his face in an old paving-stone and then, at night, he set the stone back into the pavement in one of Wroclaw's streets. His face is on the bottom; Get has never revealed the location of the stone. He says that it is his sign of covenant with the city.

Eugeniusz Get-Stankiewicz has been creating in Wroclaw for over thirty years. He authored numerous posters for theaters and other cultural events. He is a recipient of numerous prestigious awards. Seeker of "relative art," master of "momental art." Not only an artist, but also a legend of academic counter-culture of 1960's. His present-day work is awaited and assiduously observed by his many fans.

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