Graduate Student Workshop -- Indiana MAA Meeting

People might be interested in the Spring 2004 MAA Indiana section meeting. We're having a graduate student workshop at this meeting. The meeting will be on April 2-3 at Indiana State University. The workshop is still in planning (for instance, we're still lining up the speakers), but we hope to have some people who have been on hiring committees at different kinds of universities come in to talk about getting jobs, as well as people to talk about teaching perspectives and issues, engaging undergraduate students, and service and the practice of being a professor.

The meeting will also have an undergraduate mathematics competition (which last I heard they still needed volunteers to grade), invited talks by James Serrin, and many other good talks and much good fellowship with other math folk. The web page for the meeting is

I hope many of you will attend (I'll certainly be going), and I hope you'll spread the word to anybody you think might be interested.

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