Fall 2002 Semester

Unless otherwise noted, all talks are at 4:30 pm in Hayes-Healy 229.

Date Speaker Title
Monday, September 2 Prof. Dave Nicholls Existence and Computation of Travelling Water Waves
Tuesday, September 17, 5:00pm Rebecca Weber Tree Hugging
Monday, September 30 Phil Harrington An Introduction to the d-bar Neumann problem
Tuesday, October 15, 5:00pm Dan Jackson Rationality of the zeta-function of a hypersurface defined over a finite field
Monday, October 28 Mike Dekker Positive Scalar Curvature Metrics
Monday, November 11, HH 231 Guangyue Han Minimizing Polynomial Functions
Monday, November 25, HH 231 Sindi Sabourin Hilbert Functions of Points
Monday, December 9, HH 231 Wesley Calvert Classifications and word problems

Spring 2003 Semester

Unless otherwise noted, all talks are at 4:30 pm in Hayes-Healy 231.

Date SpeakerTitle
Monday, January 20 Keith Hubbard Operads: The Geometric Road to Vertex Operator Algebras
Monday, February 3 Cabral Balreira Spectral Analysis of Schrodinger Operators
Monday, February 17 Ion Dinca Families of Surfaces
Monday, March 3 Elisa Gorla The wonderful world of sheaves and sheaf cohomology
Monday, March 10 [Spring Break]
Monday, March 17 Christine Kelley Algebraic constructions of LDPC codes
Monday, March 24 Vesta Coufal An Introduction to Fixed Point Theory
Monday, March 31 Elke Markert What is a spin structure?
Monday, April 7, 5:00 pm Corbett Redden A Brief Introduction to the Index Theorem
Monday, April 14, 5:00 pm Feride Tiglay The motion of an incompressible fluid in two dimensions
Monday, April 21 [Easter Break]
Monday, April 28, 5:00 pm
HH 229
Julie Bergner Talkin' 'Bout Good Fibrations (and Other Aspects of Model Categories)
Monday, May 5, 4:30 pm Dan Bates The Basics of Numerical Algebraic Geometry

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