Robust Statistics

by David Olive
        Preprint M-11-001
        Copyright July 2011

I may submit a proposal for the text Olive, D.J. (2013) Robust Statistics. The text is a major revision of the online course notes Olive, D.J. (2008), Applied Robust Statistics. The new text covers regression, multivariate location and dispersion, and semiparametric 1D regression models.

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The MDATA files are for ARC.

Errata R/Splus Programs, R/Splus Data, R Code and SAS Programs
errata.pdf rpack.txt robdata.txt rsashw.txt
Table of Contents
Misc MDATA Files
Preface i-vi   animal.lsp, belg.lsp
Chapter 1-Introduction 1-24   bodfat.lsp, boston2.lsp
Chapter 2-Location Model 25-79   buxton.lsp, cbrain.lsp
Chapter 3-Useful Distributions 80-101   cyp.lsp, credit.lsp
Chapter 4-Truncated Distributions 102-136   gladstone.lsp, hbk.lsp
Chapter 5-Multiple Linear Regression 137-227   ICU.lsp, insulation.lsp, john.lsp
Chapter 6-Regression Diagnostics 228-258   lobster.lsp, lsinc.lsp
Chapter 7-Resistance and Equivariance 259-282   major.lsp, marry.lsp
Chapter 8-Robust and Resistant Regression 283-308   museum.lsp, muss.lsp
Chapter 9-Robust Regression Algorithms 309-348   naph.lsp, nasty.lsp, octane.lsp
Chapter 10-Multivariate Models 349-403   pollution.lsp, pop.lsp, popcorn.lsp
Chapter 11-FCH Applications 404-428   pov.lsp, povc.lsp
Chapter 12-1D Regression 429-487   salinity.lsp, sinc.lsp
Chapter 13-GLMs and GAMs 488-569   skeleton.lsp, stackloss.lsp
Chapter 14-Stuff for Students 570-609   wood.lsp
Bibliography 610-658    



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