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Ralph K. Amayo (ed.): Algebra. Carbondale 1980: Lie Algebras, Group Theory and Partially Ordered Algebraic Structures. Paperback: 308 pages, Springer (May 1981), ISBN-10: 3540105735, ISBN-13: 978-3540105732.

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T. A. Burton: Stability by Fixed Point Theory for Functional Differential Equations Paperback: 368 pages, Dover Publications (October 2006), ISBN-10: 0486453308, ISBN-13: 978-0486453309. p>
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Robert W. Ghrist, Philip J. Holmes and Michael C. Sullivan: Knots and Links in Three-Dimensional Flows (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) Paperback: 208 pages Springer (April 1997) ISBN-10: 354062628X ISBN-13: 978-3540626282

Dorian Goldfeld and Joseph Hundley: Automorphic Representations and L-Functions for the General Linear Group (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics) Hardcover: 550 pages, Cambridge University Press (February 2011), ISBN-10: 052147423X, ISBN-13: 978-0521474238.

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J. R. Hindley, B. Lercher and J. P. Seldin: Introduction to Combinatory Logic (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series) Paperback: 170 pages, Cambridge University Press (June 1972), ISBN-10: 0521096979, ISBN-13: 978-0521096973. [Based on lectures given in Bristol (1967-8), Swansea (1968-9), and Southern Illinois (1969-70)]
David W. Kammler: A First Course in Fourier Analysis. Cambridge University Press; 2 edition, Paperback, 864 pages, (January 2008), ISBN-10: 0521709792, ISBN-13: 978-0521709798.

Wei Kang, Mingqing Xiao and Carlos Borges (eds): New Trends in Nonlinear Dynamics and Control, and their Applications (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences) Paperback: 363 pages, Springer (November 2003), ISBN-10: 3540404740, ISBN-13: 978-3540404743.

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[ H. Niederreiter's connection with SIU: Assistant Professor 9/69 -- 8/71 and Associate Professor 9/72--8/73] ]

Richard S. Millman and George D. Parker: Elements of Differential Geometry Paperback: 265 pages, Prentice Hall; Facsimile edition (April 1977), ISBN-10: 0132641437, ISBN-13: 978-0132641432.

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... M.B. Nathanson (ed.): Number Theory, Carbondale 1979. Proceedings of the Southern Illinois Number Theory Conference Carbondale, March 30 and 31, 1979 Series: Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 751, Paperback: 352 pages, Springer (November 1979) ISBN-10: 3540095594, ISBN-13: 978-3540095590.

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Ed Pegg Jr., Alan H. Schoen and Tom Rodgers (eds): Mathematical Wizardry for a Gardner Hardcover: 220 pages, AK Peters (April 2009), ISBN-10: 156881447X, ISBN-13: 978-1568814476.

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W.D. Wallis: Magic Graphs Birkhäuser Boston (June 2001) Paperback: 146 pages, ISBN-10: 0817642528, ISBN-13: 978-0817642525

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W.D. Wallis: Introduction to Combinatorics (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications) Hardcover: 397 pages, Chapman and Hall/CRC (September 2010), ISBN-10: 1439806225, ISBN-13: 978-1439806227.

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M.B. Nathanson (ed.): Number Theory Day. Proceedings of the Conference Held at Rockefeller University, New York, 1976 Series: Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 626 Paperback: 248 pages, Springer (December 1977), ISBN-10: 3540085297, ISBN-13: 978-3540085294.
[ Question: was M. Nathanson employed at SIU at this time?]

J. Roger Hindley, Jonathan P. Seldin: Lambda-Calculus and Combinators: An Introduction Hardcover: 360 pages, Cambridge University Press; 2 edition (August 2008), ISBN-10: 0521898854, ISBN-13: 978-0521898850.
[ Question: was J. Seldin at SIU at the time of the first eddition?]